Guide Las Vegas

Guide Las Vegas

Welcome to Guide Las Vegas; the definitive guide to Las Vegas gambling, entertainment, maps, hotels and restaurants.

Las Vegas is a dream destination where you can enjoy all kinds of gambling activities. But Vegas is also a place where you can enjoy a fantastic holiday wrapped in luxury. Las Vegas is home to some of the finest casino hotels in the world. You get to wager on a number of casino games in resplendent gaming areas. Casinos in Vegas use the latest technology in gaming and security. But along with great casino games you also get to enjoy all their other amenities like the gym, swimming pools, spas, golf courses and more.

You can shop till you drop at the amazing shopping centers in Vegas casinos. You can find some of the most expensive brands from all over the world. But if you can’t really dish out that money you don’t have to worry. Vegas will certainly offer you lots of things that you will love and can afford too. All you fashionistas are going to have a ball out here. Vegas casinos take your breath away with amazing entertainment and some casino resorts even have their own amusement parks.

For a little more robust fun you can check out the amazing discotheques, clubs and bars, where the parties never end. The culinary delights you can find at the star rated restaurants come to you from cuisines from all over the world. In short Las Vegas is a place where you can have the time of your life, where all the glitz and glamour is. It is the centre for amazing gambling, great entertainment, and a larger than life experience.

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Las Vegas is like a wonderland that keeps changing and evolving all the time. Over the years this desert city has seen so much development, and in just 100 years Vegas has become the epicenter of gambling trends. In Las Vegas you get to enjoy everything from gambling to fine dining, to entertainment, even razzle dazzle weddings! The things you can see, do and experience in Las Vegas are mind blowing. With a little planning you can have a fabulous time in Las Vegas. We have got some useful info that will help you in plan your dream trip to Las Vegas. Below is a map of the strip with all the top casino hotels highlighted.

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